18 years later… #phdchat

… when I arrived in the UK in 1999 I was a PhD student in the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpretation of the Ionian University and almost ready, I thought, to submit my thesis in the area of translating German children’s literature into Greek after three years of full-time and immersive research in Greece, Germany and Austria. The thesis, 80,000 words, has been written and lives in a yellow folder under my bed for 18 years… these studies remain incomplete.


Instead 18 years later, in 2017, I managed to bring new doctoral studies I started in 2013 at Edinburgh Napier University, in another language, in another country and in another discipline to fruition. I finally got there.

As living and working in between cultures is part of who I am, and translation has always been dear to my heart and helped and challenged me to develop my creativity and playfulness, I will start my new search to bring closure to these early doctoral studies I started in 1996… 21 years ago. Will I find a solution this time?

4 thoughts on “18 years later… #phdchat

  1. I feel inspired. I had a false start some time back. It was definitely the wrong PhD for me but opportunity pushed me. Maybe there’s still time

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