A black day…

Arriving in Glossop by train is usually uneventful.

That day, Monday the 14th of May 2018, I will remember for ever. For all the wrong reasons.

It was a black day for humanity.

A little boy was beaten to the ground with such hatred and aggression in front of many many eyes. Eyes that looked the other way, eyes that walked away, eyes that didn’t intervene to help a little boy that could be any of our own children, could be any of us.

Beaten to the ground by three bigger boys. By three complete strangers who vented their anger and aggression towards a little boy. Without reason. Just because they could.

They were ruthless. Wild. They kicked, punched and pushed the little boy with such hatred. I had never seen anything like this before.

Every hit, hit me too, in my heart.

Nobody should be treated like this. NOBODY.

This was such a violent demonstration of power and abuse.

I was ashamed to be a human being.

I was ashamed that nobody stopped to help.

I tried. I was in between the gang while also searching with my eyes for help. Hope was dying. Hope for the vulnerable little boy was dying.

The little boy was on the ground. He didn’t move.

Then another lady rushed over and another one came too.

The attackers run away.

They were gone in seconds.

A black day…

4 thoughts on “A black day…

  1. This is shocking. We must be prepared to step forward. I had a similar experience this morning as someone jumped onto the lines at Sheffield station. But people did come forward and rescued the man before a train came through on that track. It’s good to talk about things like this as often we experience a sense of shock when they happen and we are not prepared. Thanks for the post Chrissi. I hope you are OK as these things are very upsetting.

  2. Thank you for reading and commenting Andrew. I am still in shock with the apathy of people. Your experience sounds much more hopeful. I am pleased people stepped forward and helped. There are more to the story I can’t share here, but I hope to be able to help this little boy from now on through his journey in life. Even if it is a tiny bit. I hope all is well otherwise.

  3. This is sad. Sadder still when too many men do nothing. We live in a world where many say it’s not my business or problem. Kudos to the lady (ladies) that helped the little boy!

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