Work has began on the second edition #LEGO #LSP #LEGOinHE

Dear colleagues,

In 2019 we published the open book LEGO® for university learning: inspiring academic practice in higher education which can be accessed via Zenodo. In this first edition we focused on the use of LEGO® and LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for academic development as well as teaching in campus-based provision.

Since then, a lot has changed globally in higher education not least due to COVID-19. This has given us the boost to bring this publication up-to-date. We are currently updating the original publication and plan to publish a new edition later in 2022 which will include fresh thinking, ideas and practices that emerged during the pandemic.

We are therefore particularly interested in brand new case studies using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and/or any other use of LEGO® in university curricula. Given the last two years we are especially interested the use of LEGO® in online and remote settings as well as face-to-face.

We welcome contributions from higher education practitioners and students from all around the world as well as from a wide range of disciplines and professional areas. These can include higher education contexts and programmes of study ranging from undergraduate, postgraduate to doctoral course as well as workshops, sessions and stand-alone Continuing Professional Development courses.

If you would like your case study to be considered, please submit a draft by the 1 July 2022 the latest using this form.

Warm wishes,

Dr Chrissi Nerantzi and Prof. Alison James

Draft cover of book showing a LEGO(R) model

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