The real power of digital in learning and teaching #digifest16 #www16

I have been given a wonderful opportunity to share thoughts around the power of digital in the context of learning and teaching at the Digifest organised by Jisc. Really looking forward to this great event. The programme looks amazing and I am excited in meeting colleagues and finding out more about their work and what makes them tick.

If you know me and how I work, you might suspect that I will try and do this my way… 😉 For me this will be a massive 10 minute workshop-type session, I think, so participation will be required. Risky?  Yes! Would this stop me? No.

As I would love to take you all with me for these 10 minutes, I decided to reach out for help. The title has now been announced. So, there is no way back. After thinking about what digital means to me as a lifelong and lifewide learner and practitioner, I decided to go for…

www or wondering while wandering

How does this sound to you? Can you relate to this? If it is a yes and says something to you, I am wondering if you would like to visualise your thoughts and ideas around this and share with me.  How does this sound?

The plan is to co-create a tapestry of all your contributions to frame the 10 minutes. Ody,11, my little boy,has made a great start. See below.

I really hope you will embrace this opportunity and be with me on on the day through your contributions.

Create and share your creations linked to the the www title via Twitter using the hashtag #digifest16 and #www16 and I will pick them up from there. You are very welcome to directly add your visualisation to this post as a comment too, if this works better for you. Remember to

  • add your name and/or Twitter id
  • a creative commons licence (if ok with you)
  • were you are in the world at the moment

to your contribution.

Please feel free to share this invitation with others who might also be interested in contributing.

In the next few days, I might reach out again as I think we have a unique opportunity to put our ideas forward collectively.

Can’t wait to see your creations. Thank you so much in advance.