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This probably doesn’t make sense to anybody else…

Just didn’t make it to the blog in the last few weeks… yes, we have finally moved now and our stuff, well most of it, is in storage. We hope temporarily but it might take a bit longer to find a new home. All kinds of things happened before, during and after the move and it was as dramatic as you could get it!

I have to admit it was a strange feeling leaving the place that was our home for the last 10 years. We are gone now and a new chapter in our lives has just began. We have taken sweet memories with us and left all the bad ones behind… I wouldn’t like them to follow us… we are starting fresh in the North-West now.

What I am missing? Our friends! Nothing else! But I am sure we will see them again ;o)

Will we get the house we are in the process of getting? No idea at the moment. It is now up to the solicitors. I have to say it is really exhausting selling and buying and some of the processes seem long winded. But this is the process, I guess. In the meantime, until we are sure that we will get this one, we are looking again… but this time just in the same area, not around the whole North-West. We will see.


biting today?

biting today?

I know, I have been away for some time now but I am still around and surviving. I have to admit that life was, and still is, very stressful at the moment… despite the fact that we went on holiday to France to get some sunshine… and what did we get? Rain and more rain. We also got the boys, all 3 of them with bites… definitely not mosquitos but definitely from where we were staying, not from the sea, or anywhere else. The GP said it might be flease. The guy we stayed warned us of mosquitos but other little monsters live in his house much more agressive ones!!! On top of all my other worries, with moving etc. I am worrying that we brought these mini-beasts with us!!!

Otherwise, no news on the housefront. Unfortunately, the one we found was too problematic so we are back to square zero. My head is going to explode. We will have to move out during the summer! But where will we live??? This weekend is crucial. Let’s hope that there is still hope.

Still working on the online PBL dissertation, not much but I am reading some interesting literature at the moment about networked learning and more about academic development. More too come in the next few weeks.

There must be a light at the end of this end and long tunnel!


a farmhouse would also be nice, really nice

a farmhouse would also be nice, really nice

We are moving to the Manchester area and are looking for a new family home there. I just hope that we will be able to find what we are looking for.

What we are looking for? Ideally, a period property (Victorian) in a quiet (not on a main street!), residential area with good schools. The property should be spacious with 3 or more good-sized bedrooms (over 3m) and a spacious (and flat garden) for the boys to play. Not too close to water and no pets due to allergies we have. Access to the local train/tram network is also essential.

What we like? Probably old properties, with proper fireplaces. We are not necessarily looking for the finished product and are prepared to put some work in for the right house to turn it into our new home.

So far, we spent a few days in the Manchester area. Viewed a number of properties but none of them really smiled to us… except one and this one, was not even build yet. However, after arriving home, I thought to do some searching on the web and discovered just too many things that could be potentially very problematic with the area, the soil and the construction company. So, we decided not to go ahead and have started again searching for the right home.

We are new to the area and would welcome any suggestions of family-friendly areas around Manchester.