reaching out #scholar14

Through a post by Prof. Grainne Conole I was reminded of the Networked Scholar course led by Dr George Veletsianos. I saw this as a continuation of the Open Research course and put into practice what I had learnt through this. So I clicked on the link. Fresh excitement filled me and I wanted to find out more. Unfortunately, only a course overview and information about the facilitator are visible at the moment… so I thought, I better enrol now so that I can see a bit more… I did. I had to sign Coursera’s terms and conditions (which were not even available) and the code of conduct which included loads of “Don’ts”… not what I am used to being an open practitioner… and I am wondering if positive language would be more learner-friendly?

After re-discovering that I actually had a Coursera account already but never used…. I was finally on the platform… I still can’t see any course details… maybe I just couldn’t find them? I updated my profile as this was the only thing I could do… and am now waiting for a message that will tell me that I can start the course. As this starts on Monday, will this arrive on Monday, the day before? The course is led by colleagues in a different time zone… how will this work for me in the UK?

This might be a free course, as it states on the site and with open registration but everything else seems to be locked away… this will be an interesting experience for me from many perspectives.

Am I too critical? As an open practitioner I am just used to (more) openness and transparency and un-interrupted learning… 

Anyway, we will see what happens. I reached out on Twitter as I would like to learn with others this time. Did I learn my lesson from the last open course I did? I think I did and am a bit more organised this time. Will be very interesting to see if I will be able to keep it up for four weeks. I already know that this will be a challenge.

I tweeted that I was looking for a study buddy for #scholar14. I think I might have found three so far. This is fantastic! I am not on my own on this journey. At least for now as I don’t know yet the motivations of my new buddies and I don’t know how I will do. BTW all individuals who responded knew me already and I knew them. Is this a coincidence? Will this speed up how we will learn together as we know each other a little bit already? Will this have an impact on our commitment to each other? We will find out.

We needed a space to come together and I wanted to try using Google Circles to communicate and collaborate. I set up a study buddy circle. If my study buddies want to communicate with others in my study buddy circle, I think they will need to set-up their own circle with the same names. We will see how this works. Hopefully we will sort this out before Monday. But potentially any of us could have a set of different study buddies, which is also very interesting. But will it work? I have no idea. But the fact is, that I do feel much better.

Really looking forward to learning with Mina, Frances, Len and others. Who else is joining #scholar14?