About wheels and poems


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I am very excited as we have just started the development of the wheels app thanks to our CELT intern Stuart Bennett and Laurie Cooper from Digital Labs at MMU. Our first meeting was fruitful and started revealing the complexities of developing an app and the analytical skills needed but also the ability to seeing connections quickly as they emerge and making the links before they disappear again from our minds.


Laurie and Stuart and our Alice on paper 😉

We used A3 sheets of paper and an online platform to capture our discussion (guess, what, we lost what we entered there… as the connection wasn’t working properly). I wish I had taken some coloured pencils with me… next time. Laurie suggested to develop the app in our heads and on paper, based on an end user. This was Alice. Stuart and Laurie had baptised her before I arrived.

During the meeting we made good progress linked to how Alice would create wheel templates that she can use to add data or just store on her device for different uses, including printing these out. Next week we are going to continue with the process of entering data and this is where all the complexity will be. I suspect… as we have to imagine the whole process and there is nothing there to compare it with in real life.


Sam and Ellie, image source here

After leaving our meeting, we had our Greenhouse happening with Dr Sam Illingworth who immersed us into poetry. I re-discovered my love for list poems (see the one I wrote during the Greenhouse below) and can see how they can be powerful reflective tools. I just wish I had this idea when I started my PhD as it would tell a fascinating story, I think… anyway. As I am four years into this, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to start this now. Then again I thought I could have captured the data analysis that way, but again, I am in the middle of this already… what a shame.

This was my list poem contribution.

Will I?















very slowly






I must get there

I will get there…

will I?

Then I started thinking about our app project and I would really like to trial the use of list poems to capture a reflective journey or process. As the app is a collaborative process, I feel that it would be fascinating to capture our individual and collective journey over the next six months. Will this work? Will this be of value? There is only one way to find out. I hope Stuart and Laurie will say yes to this little experiment. I think they will 😉