Publications after completion

Nerantzi, C., Cairncross, S. & Smyth, K. (work-in-progress) Academic development in the United Kingdom, a journey towards openness and crossing boundaries, to submit to International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning (IRRODL)

Nerantzi, C. Wahls, N., Abidjanov, A. (work-in-progress) Planning for implementation of the cross-boundary collaborative open learning framework in foreign language teaching professional development courses in Uzbekistan

Nerantzi, C. (2019) The role of crossing boundaries in collaborative open learning in cross-institutional academic development, Research in Learning Technology, Vol. 27, DOI: https://doi.org/10.25304/rlt.v27.2111

Nerantzi, C. (2018) The design of an empirical cross-boundary collaborative open learning framework for cross-institutional academic development, In: Open Praxis, Vol. 10, No. 4, October-December 2018, pp. 325-241, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.5944/openpraxis.10.4.907

Nerantzi, C. and Gossman, P. (2018) Cross-boundary communities, an alternative vision for academic development, in: Compass Journal, London: University of Greenwich, Volume 11, No. 2, DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.21100/compass.v11i2.800

Presentations related to my study, during my studies

4 July 2017 Co-imagineering the future university, playshop with Haleh Moravej, Ronald Macintyre, Edward Mihr Rebecca and Greenwich University students,  APT Conference, Greenwich University, London

8-10 March 2017 Opening-up the HE box through cross-boundary collaborative open learning in cross-institutional academic development, Open Education Global, Cape Town, South Africa

5-6 March 2017 Towards a cross-boundary collaborative open learning framework for cross-institutional academic development PhD update, GO-GN event, Cape Town, South Africa

24 Feb 2017 “A ticket for a cross-boundary higher education system. Just a dream?”, Educational Futures and Fractures Conference, Strathclyde University, Glasgow, Scotland

3-4 Nov 2016 “The developer’s real new clothes… is cross-boundary learning the new cross-disciplinary learning?” 21st Annual SEDA Conference, Surviving and Thriving – Effective Innovation and Collaboration in the New Higher Education, Brighton

mentioned by Dr David Baume in his post here.

12 April 2016 “Developing a collaborative learning design framework for open cross-institutional academic development courses”, Global Open Education Conference, Open Education Consortium, Krakow, Poland, 12-14 April 2016, funded place by the Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN)

10 April 2016 “I would probably find it hard if I had to do it in a foreign language” Exploring learner experiences in open cross-institutional and cross-boundary professional development courses in higher education, A PhD project work-in-progress, presented at the pre-conference and OE Global Conference, in Krakow, Poland, thanks to the generous support by the Global OER Graduate Network

8 July 2014 “I felt I knew everybody” learner experiences in an open cross-institutional  CPD course for teachers in Higher Education’, Connected learning in an open world Conference. APT2014, Greenwich University, London

2-3 July 2014 “It is really cool to learn together.” Is it? Exploring collaborative learning in an open professional development course for teachers in HE, Annual HEA Conference, Aston University, Birmingham (accepted)

28-29 Apr 2014  “FDOL132 just a buzz?” Poster presentation with Neil Withnell, OER14 Conference, University of Newcastle, Newcastle.

3 April 2014 “My first baby steps. Developing a flexible collaborative learning framework for open cross-institutional Academic Development courses at postgraduate level”, Postgraduate Research Conference, Edinburgh Napier University

11 March 2014 “About chaos, the big wave, confusion and overcoming loneliness in Openland, invited presentation for the Open Education Event organised by the University of Sussex, Brighton

12 Dec 2013, “COOL FISh or Enabling cross-institutional collaborative learning in Higher Education”, invited presentation with Neil Withnell for NW ALT SIG, Manchester Metropolitan University

29 May 2013, “Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL) course: experiences and implications for the future”, with Lars Uhlin and Maria Kvarnström, Centrum för medicinsk pedagogik (CME) vid Institutionen för Lärande, Informatik, Management och Etik och, Sweden


Publications related to my study in advance of completion

Nerantzi, C. (2017) Quality teaching through openness and collaboration – an alternative to the TEF?, Special Edition: Teaching Excellence Framework, in: Compass: Journal of Learning and Teaching, Vol. 10, No.2, Greenwich: University of Greenwich, available at https://journals.gre.ac.uk/index.php/compass/article/view/485

Nerantzi, C. (2017) PhD Journeys of a Scholastic Explorer, in: Jackson, N. (eds.) Exploring explorations, Lifewide Magazine, Issue 18, January 2017, pp. 57-60, available at http://www.lifewideeducation.uk/uploads/1/3/5/4/13542890/lifewide_magazine_18.pdf

Nerantzi, C. and Withnell, N. (2016) We just ‘clicked’ or sharing team experiences, a reflective conversation between a learner and a facilitator of an open online course. In: Whatley, J. and Nerantzi, C. (eds.) (2016) Teaching with Team Projects, Santa Rosa, CA: Informing Science Press, pp. 43-60.

Nerantzi, C. (2016) My reflections on #creativeHE, in: Creative Academic Magazine, Issue 4, January 2016, pp. 57-60, available at http://www.creativeacademic.uk/magazine.html or directly here

Nerantzi, C. and Gossman, P. (2015) Towards collaboration as learning. An evaluation of an open CPD opportunity for HE teachers, in: Research in Learning Technology Journal, volume 23, available http://www.researchinlearningtechnology.net/index.php/rlt/article/view/26967

Nerantzi, C. (2015) Who says academics don’t do CPD? Connecting practitioners and developing together through distributed cross-institutional collaborative CPD in the open, in: Rennie, F. (ed.) The distributed university, JPAAP Special Issue, Volume 3, Issue 1, pp.98-108, available at http://jpaap.napier.ac.uk/index.php/JPAAP/article/view/136

Nerantzi, C. (2014)  personal journey of discoveries through a DIY open course development for professional development of teachers in Higher Education, invited paper, Journal of Pedagogic Development, University of Bedfordshire, Volume 4, Issue 2, pp. 42-58, http://www.beds.ac.uk/jpd