useful stuff for the journey

The PhD thesis

Developing a research overview and thesis outline > Really useful, see here

What is a PhD… see these pics >>> click here

PhD First thoughts to finished writing, a very useful guide by Learning Advisers from the University of Queensland’s Student Services at

Writing up your PhD (qualitative research) by Tony Lynch

How to write a good PhD thesis and survive the viva by Stefan Rüger at

Viva resources shared by GO GN

Edinburgh Napier guidelines on submitting a thesis at

Edinburgh Napier Referencing guidelines

Seven upgrade strategies for a problematic article or chapter at

Shorter, better, faster, free: Blogging changes the nature of academic research, not just how it is communicated

Writing the Abstract

Excellent post by Prof. Pat Thomson! Helped me re-write mine!

Writing Chapter 3 (Literature review)

Presentation shared by Prof. Ale Armellini

Writing Chapter 4 and 5 presentation

Writing Chapter 7 Conclusions

Writing the conclusion chapter

Postgraduate Information Literacy PILOT at

Help by Prof. Frank Rennie at

Researcher participant relationship

Chapter by Michelle K. McGinn (2008) at


Overview of phenomenographic research at

Chapter: Creating categories of description using phenomenographic data: An example of analytical process by Lois Irvin (2005)


In depth interviews at

Semi-structured interviews at

Interviews and focus groups at

Writing a PhD abstract

Presentation by Rebecca Priestley at

About quality

Validity and reliability: Excellent paper Sharran Merriam

Qualitative quality by Sarah Tracey

About originality

What is an original contribution? Excellent advice by Prof. Pat Thomson here

Check out again

Terese Bird post

Creating an academic poster

Designing conference posters, very useful guidelines at

Other practitioners interested in this area

Dr David Jones, Australia, teacher ed context

VIVA stuff

Found this via Twitter >>> 13 steps I took to prepare for my PhD viva

A must watch! … and many more in this series from Prof Tara Brabazon

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