2019, 2021 MAKE, the Staff and student craft community at Manchester Met as part of #creativeHE to share creative ideas, practices and craft activities for individual and collective wellbeing and growth; to help us create and strengthen synergies among students and staff and learn with and from each other. Hashtag since 2021 #xxx to be finalised
 UNESCO supported project part of the Open Education for a Better World programme.

Lead mentor Naomi Wahls, co-mentor Dr Chrissi Nerantzi, mentee Dr Alisher Abidjanov

Professional development through collaborative learning and open educational practices for language education in Uzbekistan

Project page

 2018  TLCglobal led by Dr David Smith

Creating a cross-continent (Australia nd Europe) peer-to-peer support interventions for academics to discuss their teaching

Stage 1 completed (2 institutions)

Stage 2 starting in Jan 19 (4 institutions)

 2017  101 Open Stories (#101openstories)

A global OER project with a truly international team: Penny Bentley (Australia), Viv Vladimirschi (Brazil), Judith Pete (Kenya), Jenni Hayman (Canada) and Sujata Santosh (India) to curate and share stories of open practitioners, researchers and learners more generally.

Share your story!

 2016 – 2017  101 Creative Ideas Project (#101creativeideas)

An OER project as part of the #Greenhouse to curate and share creative ideas for learning and teaching.

This was an idea by Chrissi, shared with Prof. Norman Jackson, founder of the Creative Academic Network. We invited Ellie Hannan to lead the project during the academic year 2016/17.

We will be looking for another individual to lead #101creative ideas in 2017/18. If this could be you, please get in touch.

Share your ideas!

 2016 – 2017  Creativity in Higher Education, a Creative Academic Project.

A year of activities to discuss and debate Creative teaching approaches. Project team: Prof. Norman Jackson and Chrissi Nerantzi, many other collaborators.

Info here

2016 #Wheelsapp project.

My idea for a self tracking tool for personal and professional development as an open source multiplatform mobile application was developed as a prototype by Stuart Bennett MMU intern in collaboration with Digital Labs at MMU (March-Aug 16).

We are currently looking for ways to take this prototype forward and create an app that is usable. If you are interested to find out more, please get in touch.

2015, 2016, 2017 Pedagogic Innovators (#pin) project, has been brought to life at the end of October 2015 and is my National Teaching Fellowship project. The plan is to use creative methods to gain an insight into pedagogic innovators, yes, the people, identify enablers and barriers and strategies that help us spread the bug for innovation and creative innovating communities in higher education. I will carry out this research within my own institution MMU, and am also collaborating with other researchers. Please get in touch with me if this is you 😉
 2014, 2015 Open Facilitator Project, a collaboration between CELT, the Open Knowledge Foundation and Carol Yeager to explore open facilitation to create with the community the Open Facilitator Handbook and collect open facilitator experiences, stories and wisdom that will help us all become more effective faciliators in the open. The project site is available at A collection of Open Faciitator Stories 2014 has been published as a special issue of the Learning and Teaching in Action Journal. You can find this here.
 2015  FOS is an open course for teachers in HE who would like to learn more about flexible, open and social learning within a distributed and supported community. FOS is based on FDOL. I developed this and collaborated with Sue Beckingham to organise this. FOS was offered for the first time in July 2015. The community space is available here, on Twitter @fos4l #fos4l
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 Creativity for Learning in HE, an open course and  OER, to accompany the postgraduate unit Creativity for Learning as part of the PgCert and the MA in Academic Practice (CELT, MMU) The Twitter hashtag is #creativeHE
2014, 2015 StoryboxHE, a place to collect stories around learning and teaching in higher education and share with the wider community, an OER project with Ellie Livermore (CELT, MMU)
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 #LTHEchat or Learning and Teaching in Higher Education, informal open cross-institutional CPD in tweetchat format based on my idea which I shared with Sue Beckingam, Peter Reed and Dr David Walker who make up the steering group. In September 2015 a  rotating termly organising group was introduced. Forces were joined with the HEA (January 2016) and RAISE (January 2017) offering regular shared tweetchats. @lthechat #lthechat
2014, 2015, 2016 Greenhouse, a community for creative practitioners to grow pedagogical ideas, CELT, MMU
2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 FLEX, practice-based Flexible CPD programme (OER), CELT, MMU, that fully maximises on pro-active CPD of informal and formal nature, open, organised or emersive. The Twitter hashtag is #flexcpd
2013-2017 BYOD4L or Bring Your Own Devices for Learning, an open cross-institutional initiative developed out of FDOL with Sue Beckingham from Sheffield Hallam University, offered Jan 14, July 14, Jan 15. In January 2016, January 2017 BYOD4L was organised for the first time by a community-led organising team  The Twitter id is @byod4l and #byod4l
2013- 2014 FDOL or Flexible, Distance and Online Learning, an open cross-institutional course that started as apostgraduate module and developed into an open course with Lars Uhlin, Karolinska Institutet Sweden (open course, OER)

This led to FOS, BYOD4L and ONL.

2012- 2013 Create a story project

To enable new academics and other professionals who support learning at the University of Salford to experience learning and teaching within Primary Education but also provide Primary School children, students and academics at the University of Salford to work together in partnership.

2011-2012, 2013-2017 TLC or Teaching and Learning Conversations, a cross-institutional webinar series (OER) that started in 2011 as a blended CPD offer. Since September 2015 the TLC operates with an annual  rotating organising team > The Twitter hashtag is #tlcwebinars @tlcwebinars
2011-2017 Food for thought OER series, bite-size CPD series
2010-2011 Online PBL within Academic Development, an experiment with PgCert participants and academic developers from the UK to explore the use of Problem-Based Learning for distributed collaborative development in the open using social media.
2009 MoRe or Mobile Reflections, using social media and specifically audio to develop reflective skills and habits with dyslexic student teachers.
 2009,2010  Learning To Teach community.  open and online for new teachers and students teachers in FE and Adult Learning using the then freely available social network Ning. The site was available at and was used to complement a face-to-face course and create opportunities for remote conversations and collaborations as well as sharing of resources.
 2008-2010  Audio feedback wiki using wetpaint for academics and other professionals who teach or support learning in HE and HE in FE. It was available at
 2006-2010  Greek by phone service using Skype
 2005  Completed Greek localisation of the free software SEBRAN
 2004-2010 concept, design and content (hosted free by E-learning platform for own language students and others around the world. Created over 300 interactive activities (using freely available authoring tools) which I shared freely and openly.

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