last audio feedback

That felt so much better. A few minutes ago, I provided my last group audio feedback to the MoRe pilots.I have to say that I was more relaxed and seem to be able to just talk into the phone without focusing too much on what I wanted to say. I definitely feel that I have made some progress with recording. I must add a question about audio feedback in my final MoRe questionnaire.

The pilots will now provide their self-evaluations about their learning during the pilot. I am really interested to hear how they feel about what they have learnt. Do they feel that they have learnt something? That they have become more reflective practitioners?

I will wait for their responses before sending out the final MoRe questionnaire. The report is going well… too long at the moment… but I hope to provide a shorter and longer version and make this available online for anybody who would like to read it.

I am also interested if there are academic developers out there, who would be interested in trialling the MoRe approach.

Happy Easter to everybody who is celebrating!

we are on our way ;o)



We completed our first week of MoRe or audio reflections and I have to say that I am impressed by the commitment of participating students. It is a very small group, actually 2 but I think this makes it all more manageable to explore and investigate and support the development of reflective practice. The Programme Leader of a local university has decided to introduce this approach within his Secondary Georgraphy Education Programmes and we are currently implementing it. Really good news!

I was thinking about how I could track and analyse phlog contributions beyond the little tracking booklets that participants (hopefully) complete after each phlog (do you?). Analysing contributions when they are fresh and are coming in, is much better, than waiting to collect them all and then start putting the puzzle pieces together. Also, I feel, if it happens at the end, we might have lost the opportunity for interventions to enhance reflective skills during the project.

So, how am I going to track what is said by participating students? Well, I decided to use the monthly calendar in Outlook. I have printed 2 monthly copies, 1 for each student and have started recording quantitative and some very basic qualitative data which will enable me to see the bigger picture and contract and compare. Also, I have created phlog sheets on which I record characteristics of each phlog entry, which I then will use to provide feedback to both students.

So far I decided to record frequency, length and content. Regarding content I look at what is been said, what are the main characteristics of the content? Are there any emotions? Evidence of reflection in any shape or form? Changes happening in reflections recorded throughout the pilot.

All very paper-based at the moment. But I need to collect the raw data in some way and then make sense of it all and share the findings with participating students and record them in writing in my report.

While I was reading the last phlogs published yesterday morning, I was really happily surprised by the invitation made to me to provide audio feedback on published phlogs within the MoRe space. I was already adding some very basic and general written comments, I have to admit, but am very happy to add audio comments as suggested.

I wasn’t sure if that would be good or not and the main reason why I didn’t think that it would be good, was that I didn’t want to ‘overpower’ the MoRe space and let participating students and their contributions be the focus.

Within this pilot I wanted to explore the peer support model more than a teacher-centred approach and I am going to remind students to listen and comment on each others contributions so that it is not just me providing feedback. Doe this make sense?

That a student asked me to be there on the MoRe space confirms how important it is to create an open dialogue during the learning process to acknowledge progress, achievement, make interventions and assist students in their learning and be supportive throughout. Learning is, or should be, a two-way process after all!!!

The official starting date of the MoRe project is the 1st of February 2010 and we will be together until the 31st of March.