participating in open course on open badges

badges for learning

badges for learning

Well, I want to learn more about open badges since we, Cristina and I, are considering introducing them to open TESS and other academic development activities, including the PGCAP. I already have some ideas of how I could use badges for 3 actvities on the LTHE module with our new cohort and the P2PU has 3 mini courses that would fit well with my plans. I think I am going to give it a go, but first I need to find out more about open badges.

While we are already thinking about the design of our own badges, and have a designer as well, not really a surprise, I think I need to do some serious learning around open badges and I found a way to do this.

our inspiration

our inspiration for the design of our badges

I signed up for an open course at P2PU where an Open Badges course is offered. This course is about open badges and I will get my first 2 open badges, I think, if I complete this successfully. Somehow it already sounds better than just completing a course. Do these badges remind us of stickers, or in my case stamps we got in school for work completed well?

Well, I could just read on my own about badges, couldn’t I? Yes, I could but would it be the same or better? I don’t think so… participating in a course about open badges for open badges (this doesn’t sound so good now what I just wrote and makes me wonder if learners would just zoom through a course or activities to get the badge and learning would become less important…), well, for learning and open badges will enable me to experience first hand what it means to learn in a more structured way and get my badges at the end, if I do well enough, to evidence that I completed his course. Do open badges make a difference for open learning? Can they act as motivators in open environments? I am curious to find out.

I started the P2PU course yesterday and noticed that other people are taking it but so far it feels like a lonely journey. I would like to connect with others and hope that this will happen so that we can share experiences and help each other gain a better understanding of these open badges but also learn about how others are thinking to use badges.

Today is a day of reading so that I get a better understanding about open badges. I will do this and am sure, that I will have loads of questions. Hopefully I will be able to ask a few questions and get some answers from peers. I plan to use my personal learning network on Twitter for this purpose as well. We will see how this goes.

Ok, I guess I better do some reading. Will be back here to capture my learning journey on the P2PU course on open badges. Anybody would like to join me? Sign up here 😉

capturing thoughts while reading

capturing thoughts while reading

I have now completed the reading of the resources made available through the P2PU open badges course. The above photo captures the notes I made based on what I felt was important. Some of the texts where more technical and there are others I will go back to. The course suppose to be completed in 6h. Not sure if this is realistic. I think in 6h you would probably be able to zoom through it by skimming all resources and links but meaningful and deeper engagement will, I think require more study time. The good thing is that you can do the tasks one by one. And completing individual tasks makes you feel that you have achieved something and you know that you are gettig closer to completing the course. But it shouldn’t be just about completion. In our courses we focus on the journey, the process of learning. Will badges create more assessment driven learners? The text that stood out for me was the 7 things you need to know about badges.  This provides a comprehensive overview of open badges for students and teachers and I plan to use this for our PGCAP course when introducing badges.

But also the below clip with Doug Belshaw from Mozilla


So, far, I have now completed the tasts up to joining the Google group on open badges. This was a useful discovery and will help me during but also after the completion of this course, to stay in touch with people who are exploring open badges. I noticed that conversations are happening there and questions are answered. So there is peer support out there and I hope to be able to help others too when I have a better understanding of badges and share my experiences linked to these with the group.

Looking forward to the rest of the course. Definitely feeling that I am learning. I love the expressions Badge Backpack and Baking Badges. Is there an open badgemaker available? Just wondering.

I have now completed 2 challenges at, even before completing this course, and received my very first open badges. The backpack is no longer empty and can be accessed at

Tried to find a way to find the code of the badges and add to my WordPress portfolio, but I seem to be unable to do so… ;( Help!!! I hope I will work it out somehow. Must go back to the Google group and ask the question there.

There more I read about these open badges, the more opportunities I see, using open badges for tasks on the LTHE module of our PGCAP programme. I identified already 3 very specific opportunities which I am listing below:

open badges via P2PU for

  • creating an eportfolio (this happens at the beginning of this module and the basic functionality is introduced then. Great to discover that there is a badge for the successful completion of this task)
  • editing a wikipedia page (the task is to edit a wikipedia page around a specific learning theory. I then discovered that we could get a badge for doing exactly this)
  • creating an educational game (we play a mixed-reality game and this badge would be an extension to this and exploring application in own practice, ideas and reflections could be captured in the e-portfolio)

BTW, I am definitely spending more than 6h on this open badges course but it is worth it. Discovering so much useful stuff that I am going to trial this semester with my new LTHE cohort. This is all very exciting. Also looking forward to designing our own badges for TESS with Cristina Costa.

Task 4 is next and I will add my reflections and thoughts here when ready, probably tomorrow 😉 Tomorrow arrived, a few days later… unfortunately.

But here I am now. I completed all tasks and am in the process of finalising Task 7 which is actually this account here. I have to say that I have found this course really useful. It enabled me to gain a better understanding of open badges. More importantly, I know now where to go for help. I will keep in touch with badgers on Twitter to continue the conversation.

We are definitely interested in open badges and the more I think about it the more it makes sense to use these in accredited but also non-accredited academic development provision. They could also be linked to CPD Frameworks. I feel that the opportunities are endless. We just need to be careful and craft and clear pedagogical rational. It shouldn’t just be about collecting as many badges as possible or just collecting any badge! The main thing is learning and using badges as a recognition for this. Therefore I think we need strong peer review processes. Not sure yet how these could look like and any ideas are very welcome.

As I am starting the development of our Flexible, Distance and Online Learning (FDOL) module of the PGCAP, and this is an open access module, I definitely think that we could make use of badges for non-credit learners and also on other PGCAP modules and the TESS programme as mentioned earlier in this post.

A big thank you to P2PU for this course which gave me so many ideas. We might even run the FDOL module within P2PU. We will see.