Calling all playful HE practitioners to join exciting book project

Dear colleagues

We would like to invite you to take part in our project to bring together global, scholarly examples of play in Higher Education.


Is play exclusively for children? image source

Play in Higher Education is currently largely unsung, but now creeping to the fore of the attention of the tertiary sector. We have done already some work with Prof. Norman Jackson and the Creative Academic online magazine which illustrates this well. In addition  we noticed that a number of conferences on Play in HE are being held this year – surely a sign of the zeitgeist?

So do please join us in building understanding of the contribution play makes to all disciplines in the tertiary sector and circulate to your colleagues worldwide so we can make this collection truly global.


… of all ages, image source

If you have any questions about the project do please get in touch with us and consider joining the Play in HE community at .

For further info about this exciting project, please click here


All best

Dr Alison James & Chrissi Nerantzi

apple pizza didn’t work

light up there

light up there

Months later and I am still were I was months ago… the illustrator did disappear… unfortunately. So, there is no progress with the book project. Initial conversations were captured at>

and I really thought that this was leading somewhere. Unfortunately, it didn’t.

I might have to do the illustrations myself… as the publisher suggested anyway but I am just not in the right mood at the moment. After many years of not-drawing, I started again when I had my eldest and I needed something to fill my sleepless nights creatively and keep my brain fit. Now, almost 9 years later, and after a painful experience with a publisher, I have given up and haven’t really been in the mood to illustrate. Should I force myself? Not sure how the process and product would look like.

I have over 15 stories for kids ready, various lengths, various levels and some of the stories could be used for language learning too and have integrated activities as well.

So, searching for a new illustrator again. What would I like to see? Work that stands out, that is creative and enables creative thinking on many different levels… I think that is what I think… any illustrator out there who would like to give it a go???

“apple pizza”

apple pizza

apple pizza by Chrissi

Did you ever had one? This was the second time I made apple pizza and surprise surprise I didn’t really stick to any recipe… not really a surprise if you know me… I am not very disciplined when it comes to cooking (or anything else…) always keen to try new things and experiment with mainly what I have in the house. But it worked and I did improve the second version by adding crumble at the top and some home-made rasberry jam at the bottom. I guess it tasted ok.

Yes, we, the illustrator, I (and my husband joined us too which was a big surprise for me) discussed details over the apple pizza. It was exciting and strange at the same time. The process was about discoveries and included mainly me showing things I like to the illustrator. Was it too much information? Again, I am not sure. Did it feel restrictive or prescriptive? Mmm, not sure about this one… the idea was to gain an insight into my little world. I don’t expect the book to be a representation of what I like and polarise the process and end-product. As mentioned in previous post, it is a collaborative project and it should really have things from both worlds combined and they need to be balanced something if that is possible.

For me it is important to create a joined ownership of this project, to bring out creative spirits, curiosity, experimentation and bring something unique to live. Can we achieve it?

thinking and collecting


blank canvas, by photoshop ;o)

I am seeing the illustrator tomorrow to discuss the new project. We will focus on visualising one of the mini stories and it will rain cats and dogs and grannies.

Will it work?

I have started collecting things I like. In a way it will help him (yes, it is a he) – well, hopefully it will, to get an insight into my little world and how things look like. Scary? Not really. But ever changing. Is this important to ‘see’ what I ‘see’? Well, I think it is.

Then again, could it be confusing at the same time? I always say that I don’t like boxes and boxed thinking and now what am I doing? Actually placing myself and the illustrator in a box, in my box… this is not really what I want to do.

However, I feel that we need to find a common starting point on this journey and then give our ideas wings. Yes, I am saying our ideas. It is not about the writer anymore, it is now working together and finding a way to interprete the text in such a way that it pleases both, as well as the reader and learner. To co-create something new and of value. And it should really go beyond creating something that pleases somebody or manybodies. It should be something exciting that gives the reader and learner wings and allows a rich, stimulating and engaging experience.

It is a blank canvas at the moment but not for long… Yes, we are going to create a learning resource/learning resources together. Yes, plural, if the experiment works ;o)

new project is taking off

Our family, by Odysseas (5)

Our family, by Odysseas (5)

I am really excited and feel that something really creative will start happening very soon.

We were two but now a third person is entering the pack and we can start. It is all linked to an idea, exploring possibilities, options and turn an idea into a reality.

Going through a co-creative process and a journey that will enrich us all with the added bonus of creating something that others will find useful and enjoy.

Yes, it is a collaborative book projects and the idea is to capture the process within this blog and beyond and hopefully exchange ideas and thoughts and create something special.