Will I ever find it again???

Well, I have to admit that over the last 2-3 months I have lost…

    a black and white polka dot neck scarf
    a silly looking black hat and
    a purple winter coat.

What is wrong with me? I used to be the one who never lost anything and now things are disappearing under my nose…

I am going to focus on the last item that I lost from my wardrobe. Well it didn’t disappear from my wardrobe. Nobody took it from my house. I actually left the house wearing it one of these cold days but never returned with it. Weird… I know. Weirder even, that I was actually wearing somebody else’s coat for a few days or weeks now… just discovered it when I went shopping the other day. Somehow, ‘my’ coat didn’t look like mine anymore. The colour was definitely not the same… when we arrived home I discovered that I was right. This was NOT my coat. What happened??? Who is wearing mine? How long am I running around wearing somebody else’s coat? I can’t believe this…

I decided to send the following email to my colleagues and students

Hello everybody,
I just returned from ASDA where I discovered that ‘my’ long purple coat didn’t look the same anymore… When we arrived home, I had a look inside and discovered that ‘my’ coat was not my coat. Where did I pick this one up??? How long am I running around wearing somebody else’s coat???

It is a size 18 and from BHS. I have to admit it is a nice coat but too big for me. I am wondering if anybody is wearing my coat, which was a bit shorter, a few sizes smaller, not from BHS and slightly brighter.

I am not sure where I got this one from, but I haven’t really been anywhere (sad to admit…) except the TDC, the Dryden Centre… and Peterborough.

If anybody is wearing my coat, please get in touch. Thank you very much.

I am very happy to dry clean the one I have at the moment.


Chrissi ;o(

Did I find it yet? No. I am really upset with myself. I try to remember but there seems to be a gap in my brain… do I have amnesia? What is happening to me? I try despirately to connect the pieces of what happend during the last few weeks and remember when I was wearing MY purple coat and where I could have left it and took the one I have at the moment. No, I am not wearing it anymore…

I got some replies from colleagues and students, some really funny ones. Everybody seems really amused with my stories and this story I guess confirms that reality is many times weirder than fiction…

Some of the comments received so far…
“Hi Chrissi

I would love to say it is me who has your coat as I have one the same colour, If it was my coat you had you would not be in Asda making your discovery, you would be up Mount Everest thinking were did I get this tent from. If I had your coat I would have been at the Queen Elizabeth having it surgically removed.
Hope yours turns up soon.


“I havent laughed out loud so much for a long time Chrissi
Thankyou for that and good luck finding your coat!

“Hi Chrissi
I’m sorry when I first started reading this I thought you had a strange task you wanted us to do? Then realised you were serious. I’m sorry I don’t have your coat and I am sorry but your story made me laugh. I’m sure you’ll get your coat back.

“ Chrissi, You have just made me laugh out loud ………….THANK YOU ! I have an image now of you wearing a purple coat that is huge on you rampaging round ASDA 100miles an hour trying to do your shopping !

By the way …………………….it is not my coat . LOL “

“Hi Chrissi
I am so pleased that I am not the only person who has done this, only the person whose coat this belonged to (X) realised as I was standing talking to her.

Where is my coat? I know it is just a coat and I will be happy without it. BUt could this mistery be solved somehow??? I am wondering.