week 3 diary > Escaping through food?

I started worrying more and not sleeping that well. Waking up really early. The numbers in the news hurt so much. So many people are loosing loved ones. What progress is there with medicines and a vaccine? Some related news from Oxford University

and the World Health Organization.

I am keeping busy. But then I am always busy. Doing a lot of cleaning, crafting and cooking with the boys. Beyond working, of course. Nassi discovered a yummy BBC recipe and we tried it, together. It was a dhal recipe. We will definitely do this again. Made another rhubarb cake and tsourekakia. I make the dough in the bread maker it it always seems to work. Is food taking over our lives? Is it the one thing we can still enjoy?
We also did some gardening. Spinach and rocket. Haircut No 2 happened this week. It was Ody’s turn. Nassi and I did it together. I have to admit it was mostly me. I was far too instructive.
The boys are spending a lot of time in front of screens. Far too much… they have not talked about what is happening. They are quiet. I know that they are following the news. I am thinking about the situation a lot. Nassi is going to go to university and Ody to a new school in September? We don’t know yet what will happen. Nobody knows. Times of excitement and anticipation have been turned into silence, endless silence. And uncertainty. Fear also?
Talking with friends and family is comforting. It has been again this week. When will we see each other? When will we be able to travel again without fear? Technology helps and brings as closer together. At least we can see each other from a distance. Missing the human touch though. A smile and spending time together more frequently is now a substitute for everything else… it seems.
Easter Sunday. Our first one. Another Easter Sunday, next Sunday as it is Orthodox Easter then. A quiet day… Ody was unwell the day before and I panicked… Some rest, chamomile tea with manuka honey and toast made him well, after a few hours.

Ody’s cup… he doesn’t like honey but loved the tea I made him… that had honey in it…

We had a barbecue… in the rain. But the food was yummy. The μπροζόλες reminded me of my childhood and the chicken souvlaki is something I started doing.
But we had a good time together and the boys did our traditional Easter egg hunt. I always remember doing this as a child. I think my boys will remember this too.

inspired by Marieanne Cavaciuti www.damsontreepottery.co.uk

Not much else to write. Thinking about the next excursion to the supermarket and how to clean the stuff Adam will bring back.This is occupying my mind.

No new story this week but some encouraging news about one I wrote already. More regarding this soon. Below some gems I found about our current situation that link to my picture book love. Hopefully, we will be able to contribute also. 

From my window, an R/GA story, access here

Coronavirus a book for children by Elizabeth Jenner, Kate Wilson and Nia Roberts illustrated by Axel Scheffler and published by nosy crow, access here

The book of hopes access here

Stay safe!


Inspired by Hazel Terry at hazelterry.com and her fun craft activities

Week 2 Have I been home forever?

Usually we are away around Easter. Not this year…

Numbers and stats everywhere and all the time. The graphs make it all look like a race? Such a deadly one. Thousands of people are loosing the fight with the virus. Everywhere. So so sad. So much pain. Even the UK’s PM Boris ended up in intensive care on the 6th of April. I hope he and everybody else will make it and fully recover!!! Nobody should have to go through this.

made more angels as we all need at least one, stay safe!!!

I struggle to watch the news. Struggle following developments on social media. And journalists seem to ask questions around how long we will be locked into our houses. Is this a useful question? And why is everybody keen to get out when there anyway when there is a real danger that “free movement” would make it all worse for all of us? Hard to say this when thinking about Brexit and what the EU stands for…  but the circumstances have changed and it has now become a matter of life or death. What if journalists would ask questions around the progress researchers are making, and UK’s involvement to find ways to treat individuals who are infected. Any vaccine? There must  be hope. Where is it?


The house is getting cleaner by the day despite the fact that all four of us are here all the time. Outside work, I have been  crafting, (re-)potting, wrote one more picture book story (we are now at number 4) and spending some time with the boys mainly preparing meals and eating together. Ody changed his whole room just yesterday, moved all the furniture around and created a new space for himself. I made some face masks. We all have one now. Made out of layers of fabric, some from off cuts from our Fashion Institute. The one shown here is for my dear colleague and friend Haleh. 

With Nassi, we made Jamie’s cauliflower and cheese pizza without following the recipe too closely. It worked. Didn’t look as good as our normal colourful pizza but we ate it with an appetite and it was something different. We had to use 50-50 strong and normal flour. We have now officially ran out of strong flour. We got some yeast.

Rhubarb flat cake was also something we tried for the first time this week. We made it twice. I used my basic non-recipe for flat cake and we added the rhubarb at the top. It did sink into the mixture. We sprinkled sugar and cinnamon over the cake and put it in the oven. It was yummy as it quickly disappeared.


Rhubarb will be the one fruit we will have for the whole year and don’t need to go out and buy. Later, much later we will hopefully have some apples and pears. The strawberry plants don’t look that good this year. Oh, yes, Adam’s tomato plants will go in the greenhouse when it gets a bit warmer and brighter. The little plans are doing really well so far.

Being resourceful is key and positivity is equally important in these difficult times. I found the related webinar this past week with our guests  Gerasimos and Haleh insightful and the experiences they shared will help others move forward in their practice and be there for their students in a meaningful way. The importance of the emotional presence and community definitely came out of our conversations.



This week, I found the open course Let’s break the chain Covid-19 infection developed by MBRU including Prof. Nabil Zari whom I met in Thessaloniki at a conference some years ago. I found the course  very informative and clear but still have some questions around mask wearing. Is it suggested for the general population not to wear the surgical masks because there are not enough? And if this is the case, what about DIY face masks, which I have started making following some online instructions I found? After completing this informative course, I have become an #MBRUCommunityImmunity Ambassador. I am responsible to protect myself and my community from #COVID-19. I challenged 5 friends to take the course. https://learn.mbru.ac.ae/courses/covid19 > Please do the course and share it further.

I remembered the time I was a translator and the joy I got translating a book by a living author, despite the struggles to do the translation itself. The experience was always so much richer and the struggles more bearable. The final output was also better when I could make that personal connection between author and translator, to establish that bridge. I reached out to connect to better understand their work and share my joy and care for their work with them. For me it was important for them to know that. Often I asked questions, things I wasn’t sure about, things I wanted to understand better to do their work justice but also to celebrate. Peter Härtling (just saw that he died a few years ago, so sad that he is no longer with us) was the author I did this on multiple occasions, as I translated a number of his books, and then we even met one year at the Frankfurt Book Fair. Are such exchanges valuable in other situations too? I have also found this approach really useful in the context of scholarly activities around learning and teaching and see this as a form of collegiality and peer review that connects people and ideas. I have seen that other people do this too, as I am sometimes contacted by people who are using my work. It makes me smile and is lovely to hear that it is useful for others, furthers their thinking and takes my work into new directions. I also continue learning through this process and the discoveries others make. The discoveries we make. That is what it is all about.

My wellbeing, I feel has been boosted by staying in touch with dear friends and family. Care and compassion at the heart, being there for each other in any way we can. Aristotle said that humans are social animals. He was right, we feed from healthy relationships, grow, and are happy in our selves, for others and with others. The noise is disappearing. I can feel it. We also hear the difference in our streets. I hear the little birds singing again. Maybe they were there before and I just notice them now more? A dear friend recently said, we now spent more time talking to each other than before. This desire to connect helps us both. I feel lucky to have met some special people and they are part of my life, to share, celebrate, cry and pick each other up again. Thank you.


Seeking hope and peace at the bottom of the garden

Stay safe and speak again next week