Got connected

note: Why this image? Love and passion for a shared vision have the power to connect people. That is how I felt during the conference. People can make a big difference to how we feel, about who we are, where we are, what we are doing.

The conference is now over. It was a full and exciting day. It definitely provided food for thought and confirmed that thinking is changing and enthusiastic educators in different institutions are driving chance. This is great. Participating in the social network workshop and another one about e-portfolios were the highlights of the event and enabled me to find out what is happening in other institutions, HE and FE.

My workshop on mlearning went ok. We started a bit late and I think we were the last ones there. Loads had signed up but not everybody turned up. People are generally fresher in the morning. However, the dialogue was rich and some were interested in exploring mobile tools within teaching and learning. I had planned too much. We only had 45min. Time is definitely something I need to look at, to be able to become more flexible and mix ‘n’ match depending on how the session goes. Afterwards, it felt as if I was sticking too much to the original plan. The grouping didn’t really work very well, but in the end we did have two groups, the teachers and the students which came up with innovative ideas on how to use mtechnology to enhance a specific teaching/learning aspect.

I would have liked to discuss the pilots that I plan to start in January. Unfortunately, it was getting too late and I had to cut that bit out. However, it is all recorded on and I hope that some will look at the handout and if interested get in touch.

A colleague from another college, was interested in the pilots and he might contact me about it. I think it would be great if I could find somebody to run similar pilots/a similar pilot in another college, again within teacher education and then compare findings.

I think I will have to focus on one pilot at the time, otherwise, I won’t have time to do anything well. I just wish the day had more hours. There are so many things I would like to explore…

So, I am deciding now, while I am writing, that the start will be with the two dyslexic students and explore how mobile technology can be used to develop reflective skills. Just this pilot for now. We have a home now, but need to test it first. Here it is

Over the next weeks, I am going to refine my approach and then meet with the two students and discuss the pilot, process and milestones. I have started adding my ideas but I would like to finalise it with the students and check if they would be happy with it. I feel really excited about this pilot and am hopeful that my students will benefit from this investigation. Both students are keen to get started, which is super great!!!

Next step: Check out gabcast again and find out if we can actually use it for the pilot. I haven’t used it before.

Eureka, mPilot 2

I am now clearer about the focus for the second pilot. Still exploring mobile learning and this time around using audio to develop reflection within initial teacher training. Participating students are dyslexic and I would like to investigate if audio can make a difference to these students and if this approach could be used for the wider community of students to stimulate more senses during the learning process and achieve better results in developing reflective practice.

… more details will follow