let’s visualise together! Day 3 #moocmooc

Our task yesterday was to capture participants’ pedagogies. I would say learner’s pedagogies and assume that learning can’t happens without participation since it is not something passive.

I thought that we could visualise our ideas and thoughts and together co-create the big picture. Didn’t know that we could do this Google doc. I had found www.flockdraw.com which did look impressive as a doodling tool but I couldn’t make it work to co-create a picture, unfortunately. Google worked but it is not really than intuitive. Never mind. If anybody knows anything about flockdraw or a similar tool that is out there, I would love to hear from you.

learners' pedagogies

our evolving big picture (15 Aug 12)

Our drawing space is available at https://docs.google.com/drawings/d/1jnzjgeigIt7bj-bLXvt7yZFTSIpqYcIe0D9WfhVczSw/edit This is the live canvas. Feel free to think visually and add your idea, if you haven’t done so already or if you would like to add a bit more. Thank you everybody for contributing so far.

My question now would be, looking at this picture, what can you see? It would be lovely if you would share your comments with us all.

(not) funny? Day 2 #moocmooc

Well, I should have added this yesterday but I didn’t. I guess it is never too late… or is it? Anyway. Very little time yesterday but we, my boys and I, managed to create a video clip and share our view about where learning happens. We used my iPhone and the wonderful cover with integrated stand made it really easy to do the recording and then upload straight away to YouTube, no editing nothing at all! We are asking a question at the end and would love your thoughts on this. Feel free to leave them here, on YouTube or on Twitter (@chrissinerantzi). It is up to you.

We also decided to release the directors’ cut so that you can see how much fun we had in the making. Here it comes. Enjoy 😉