This ‘thing’ called passion #cmc11 MOOC

an invitation to think and (re-)act

an invitation to think and (re-)act

… a question without a question mark triggered during and after week 2 #CMC11 webinar with Stephen Downes and after watching one more time Ken Robinson’s TED clip ‘Bring on the learning revolution’ included in #CMC11 week 3 resources

Maybe we could discuss

  • what we understand by passion
  • how we feel about people who are passionate
  • how we actually know that they are passionate
  • what effect passionate individuals/groups(?) have on others
  • what are the implications of passion for the passionate individual/group(?) and for others

if anybody is interested ;o)

Please note: the above doodles were made before actually seeing the doodle stuff presented over the weekend on #CMC11. When I saw them after this posting… I couldn’t believe my eyes… just a coincidence?