#lthesep12 pre-induction almost done now @pgcap


All on board, the journey begins! Let’s have an open mind and discover new worlds together!

The PGCAP programme started again. We have been online now for almost 2 weeks and I have had the pleasure to meet some of my students on the LTHESep12 cohort during our portfolio building workshop. New faces, new experiences, new stories, new adventures. Really looking forward to be learning together and making new discoveries.

However, after the summer break and not having done any teaching for a few months now, I keep thinking and wondering I suppose if I can still do it… I mean teaching. Feeling somehow a bit rusty. How will it be being in class again?

Nervous? Who, me?

Students feel nervous as learners. Teachers do as well. We want to do a good job and create the right environment for our students to learn. Of course at the beginning we don’t know our students. We  are a stranger to them and they are strangers to us. But not for long, if we get it right! I feel that it is so important to reach out and create bridges and pathways that connect teachers with students,  students with students but also others outside our immediate groups that make learning and teaching a more personalised and meaninful experience. Just yesterday, I was called Big Sister and I actually liked that. I do feel like a big sister even if some of my students are older than me. I guess this is the real big sister and mother in me who cares for her little siblings and children and it just feels right that they need me and I will do whatever I can help them. These caring feelings are quite strong and I have to admit, that I have a problem of letting go, just like any mother has when her children grow up and don’t need her anymore, but we can talk about this some other time.

How is anybody else feeling about starting again teaching after the summer? Please leave a comment if you would like to share with me how you feel about this. Thank you.

Ok, back to these 2 pre-induction weeks.

What were the highlights?

Meeting students during the portfolio workshop. Good to see everybody and get a better feel about the different personalities and the group dynamic developing. Also, was pleased that I did remember to start taking the photographs with the names and hope that I will be able to learn my students’ names much quicker this way which I think is vital if we want to show that we care about our students. Some might say, well you can do this, you only have 20-30 students. How could we learn and use our students’ names if we had larger classes? I have an idea but would be interested in your views.


Sample photo with smiley Helen

How did I feel?

Nervous, as mentioned above. I am still nervous about the induction when I will see the whole cohort. But also very very excited. I feel like a little girl who has prepared loads of goodies and can’t wait to share them with my new students.I want to see their re-action! Can’t wait to see what they will think! Will they engage? Will they embrace? Will we have fun? Will we learn? And will we all have an open mind? … going through an(other) emotional rollercoaster at the moment… Emotions are a vital part of learning!

What did I learn?

It is useful to have a pre-induction to extend opportunities for familiarisation and socialisation. However, this worked partly this time, as we are still accepting applications and not everybody had the opportunity to join the pre-induction because of this. Also others, I suspects, have been busy with their own student inductions this week and were therefore less present in our online pre-induction.

What would I do differently?

I need to think about this a bit more but I we definitely need to change the timing of our application process. We should really have a cohort in place in advance of the semester and this is definitely something I need to work on with our Programme Support Team.

Just a few more days until induction… my heart is zooming faster as the day approaches. Everything is ready… all resources in place, even the trolley to take to Faraday House is waiting for me. I have planned the session for loads of interaction, guests will be there too. Will it work? What will work? We will find out on Tuesday morning. Be there if you are a student on the #lthesep12 module.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

music sheet - notes

Let the music begin 😉