workshop No 1 done

workshopIt went well, despite the fact that there was confusing about the venue. Sorry about that. But we did it and I am really happy that the pilots are keen and want to get involved. Smaller group than expected, but I know that there are at least 3 more people who have expressed interest. We started late… but we made it.

The biggest issue I can see at the moment is the technology to create the accounts and link us all together. The group blog within wordpress was easy and I was able to connect accounts almost instantly. The challenge was and still is Well, I had done mine but it is more challenging explaining it to others and then there are all the passwords and usernames etc. and people do get confused… I do! I hope I didn’t confuse anybody.

In the end we all managed to set up the accounts and only had time to test it using my own ipadio account. It was strange to talk to a phone and then listen to our voices online. But we will get used to it.

During the session I felt that it was important to emphasise on the focus of the project and not the tools. The tools are there to enable what we want to do. However, sometimes it just feels to complicated. I hope we will get over these hurtles together and be able to start.

After the workshop, we will probably have one week of testing and connecting until we all get started. There might be 3 more people joining and I am not sure if there will be time for face-to-face training, which is an issue but I am more than happy to arrange an online elluminate session or communicate with the pilots in any way they are comfortable.

After all testing is completed, the pilots have to post their first mp3 which will contain information about themselves and their relationship with reflection and the reflective journal they have been asked to keep.