“Great news Chrissi. Congratulations for the initiative and the effort to you and all the team. Thank you also for the opportunity you gave me, to participate in a such creative and innovative project, as the results confirm also.”Dr Nikos Fachantidis”

“Thanks again to you Chrissi for your generosity of spirit and of practice – and for your sheer hard work!! Truly amazing!” Sandra Sinfield

“I can see it’s been a great example of open and creative learning which has inspired and engaged people.” Sue Watling, University of Hull

“#creativeHE has pioneered a new approach to learning about creativity in higher education and encouraging participants to be creative.” Prof. Norman Jackson


“I just wanted to say thanks for your contributions to Digifest. It was great working with you, and it was lovely to see people having fun. You made a great impression, and got people thinking and talking. So let’s hope that is a spur for more chat, online and face-to-face, and more playful learning.” laire Gill

PgCert at MMU

Team teaching experience: “I have never felt more energetic at the end of a busy day! My head was always full of opportunities when I got home! Nobody else has ever managed to focus my energy or harness it! It is mental stimulation and growth.”  Haleh Moravej, MMU

FLEX unit: “Through FLEX I could use what I was doing as CPD, start internalising, take a pedagogical approach and really embrace what CPD is”.  Dr Sam Illingworth, MMU

Creativity for Learning Unit: “Hi Chrissi, The session was very inspiring and has spurned lot’s of ideas.” Rachel Kelly, MMU


“I value my participation in this group.  The opportunity to work with colleagues to engage in cross disciplinary exchange and apply this creativity and power to answering the questions that we all have to address as educators is invaluable.  It moves us out of our professional silos, it gives us an enhanced perspective on the fundamental issues that are exercising us and, more importantly, it gives us a cohesive voice with which to challenge the status quo.” Professor Carol Haigh, MMU


“Really excited about how LTHEchat is getting me thinking about all aspects of my practice.  There is real substance to the exchanges and collegiality.” Steven Peters


“Focussing on BYOD4L, this has been a long time in the planning. An idea seeded by my dear friend and colleague Chrissi Nerantzi led to a conversation sat at a train station. Her infectious enthusiasm of what we could do was what made me believe in what I could personally achieve. The world needs more people like Chrissi!” Sue Beckingham, Sheffield Hallam University

“Passionate people move me, spur me into action. So when Chrissi first told me about this open course and asked me to help out – how could I not? It tends to be quite difficult not to get swept up in her energy and enthusiasm, so saying no isn’t really an option. We have a track record of working together for the Media Enhanced Learning Special Interest Group (#MELSIG)” Alex Spiers, Liverpool John Moors University

“Dear Chrissi and Sue, Just to say thank you for all your hard work and creativity in designing, organising and facilitating BYOD4L. I found the experience very worthwhile and I have learnt a lot. ” Prof. Norman Jackson

“BYOD4L was a really inspiring experience and is shaping lots of things I’m doing at the moment in my institution”.  Chris Rowell


“Dear Chrissi, thank you very much for such an inspiring course – we all learnt a lot! With all your energy and commitment, you were a great facilitator.” Dr Stephan Haas, Karolinska Institutet

“The course was great. You are extremely passionate and hard working and put a great deal of time and energy into FDOL. Thank you for your direction, support and boundless enthusiasm and energy” Neil Withnell, University of Salford

Markers’ comments on my SEDA Fellowship portfolio (March 12)

“Your wide involvement in innovative pedagogies is exciting. Your energy leaps off every page. You are highly reflective and thoughtful in your approach, yet you always support your musings in a scholarly manner.” Dr. Celia Popovic

“The passion that you feel for your role in developing practice shines through your portfolio and is a real inspiration.  I agree that it is not just about developing but also modeling practices that are innovative and inspiring.” Elaine Fisher

Presenting at 16th Annual SEDA Conference Nov 2011

Presenting at ECEL2011

External reviewer for the HEA and JISC funded OER module Learning to teach inclusively

“Chrissi conducted a thorough and systematic evaluation of the Learning to Teach Inclusively OER package and of the overall project.  She tested a range of elements within the package, and reviewed and critiqued content and technology. She presented a very detailed report and set of clear and robust recommendations for the project team, many of which have been implemented and which we feel have enhanced the package. Chrissi presented her evaluation report at our Advisory Group meeting where she further elaborated on her findings. It was great to see her at our End of Project Conference having contributed such a lot in terms of formative and summative evaluation.” Professor Christine Hockings, Learning and Teaching Research Coordinator, Institute of Learning Enhancement, University of Wolverhampton.

Academic Developer, Academic Development Unit, University of Salford, May 2010 – Sep 2013

“Dear Chrissi, THANK YOU for your feedback! It was very useful and courageous. This is the first time in my UK HE life when I received such a detailed, helpful and encouraging feedback!” Dr. Alex Avramenko, Business School, University of Salford

“Dear Chrissi, I was delighted to receive my PGCERT marks. Just wanted to say thanks for your help. Although workload hampered my attendance, the tutorials I had with you were key to giving me the chance to progress. Many thanks!” Paul Broster, Programme Leader, BA Journalism

“Chrissi, I just wanted to thank you for providing such a great learning experience on the PGCAP. It was first class and I learnt so much.” Paul Tracey, Lecturer In Built Environment Law, School of The Built Environment, University of Salford

“Hello Chrissi, Many thanks for your inspiring input to the PGCAP course. I am grateful for the opportunity to complete the course.” Vicki Harvey, Salford Business School

“Chrissi, thank you for allowing me to discover and enhance my potential as an HE lecturer. Your course has really boosted my confidence and I probably wouldn’t have applied for such a job a year ago. So, thank you again for being such a great inspiration for all of us PGCAP students!” Fabrizio Gallai, School of Languages


“The PGCAP has been wonderful, and you’ve been inspirational.  You helped me to get the best out of myself and really channel that energy into useful projects.” Becci Jackson, University of Salford

“I nominate Chrissi Nerantzi from the LDU (now ADU) for her contribution to the development of our academic staff. Chrissi’s passion and enthusiasm for teaching and learning is both inspiring and infectious. Her commitment to excellence is exemplary.” Nomination for the 100 Salford Women made by Neil Currant, Academic Developer, Academic Development Unit, University of Salford

“Chrissi, you have been a breath of fresh air and completely changed how I think about learning and teaching” Dr. Leslie Robinson, Radiography Programme Leader, University of Salford

PGCAP Professional discussion panel: “Chrissi and I worked very well together – she is very easy to get on with.” Prof. Stuart Mackay, University of Salford

“I would like to voice my support for my personal tutor, whose energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and passion for her subject have had a significant impact on my learning experience.  Having come from an international engineering consultancy where I had autonomy for the technical delivery of multi-million pound skyscrapers, it was my job to be demanding and question every step of the design process and this has carried on into my learning style.  Historically I’ve found that other lecturers have found this challenging to deal with, but instead I’ve found that Chrissi has understood it for what it truly is, which is engagement and an enthusiasm that is mirrored by Chrissi’s obvious passion for learning and teaching.

I’ve previously taught at a variety of institutions, international organisations and developed training plans for a multi-national engineering company and would class myself as a confident and experienced lecturer, but I have to confess that I’ve found Chrissi has identified new creative approaches to me that I have trialled with the students ranging from first year through to Masters levels with great success.

It is the support and openness that Chrissi brings to her style of teaching that I feel is a key factor on the success of my experience on the PGCAP course.  As a result of her inspirational teaching and inherent creativity, I have co-authored a journal paper with a colleague about our teaching practice and I am in the process of co-authoring several other conference papers along similar themes.

The PGCAP course on the whole for me has been very positive, I put this down primarily because I’ve been made to feel like I want to engage in activities that will help me grow as a person, regardless of how potentially uncomfortable they may make me feel initially.” Neil Currie, Lecturer, Structural Engineering, University of Salford

“Thanks again for unclipping my wings.” Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan, University of Salford

“You are the heart and soul of the PGCAP. Full of passion  – a real inspiration for so many of us. And always a pleasure to meet. ” Annabelle Waller, University of Salford.

“You were a great source of inspiration  for me whilst on the pgcap and enabled me to develop some much needed confidence in my academic/ teaching abilities.” Helen Millar, University of Salford

“Without your help and support through my PGCAP journey as a student and then your trust and continued support as a module tutor thereafter, I would have never have secured this new role.” Cheryl Dunleavy, University of Salford.

““I’d just like to say a big thank you for the positive feedback that you gave me for the Professional Discussion. I’m even more motivated to improve now 🙂 I’ve found the module really interesting and never thought that it would it have such an effect on my teaching style. So thanks for all your efforts and wise words over the weeks!” Dr Andrew Schofield, University of Salford

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have taught me. I am going to pre-empt your response to that which I am fairly sure would be “what did I teach you?”. You are probably right, I can’t think of anything which you actually told us outright but you are responsible for everything I have learnt during the module so please accept my sincerest gratitude.” Dr Steve Davis, University of Salford

“From the work I have seen and the comments made you should feel really proud of yourself, you have held the programme together and made a real impact on people.” Dr. Simon Lygo-Baker, Senior Lecturer in Higher Education, University of Surrey, External Examiner of the PGCAP Programme while I was leading the programme

“Your unending supply of energy, creativity and optimism has seen the PGCAP programme develop in a really positive direction. You have led your team to raise standards and consistently enhance the programme, benefitting your students, but ultimately the quality of teaching practice at Salford.” Dr Paula Crick, University of Derby, External Examiner of the PGCAP Programme, while I was leading the programme

“I appreciate all your support and encouragement, your passion for learning is infectious.” Neil Withnell, University of Salford

“Thanks again for unclipping my wings.” Dr Gemma Lace-Costigan, University of Salford

“You are the heart and soul of the PGCAP. Full of passion  – a real inspiration for so many of us. And always a pleasure to meet. ” Annabelle Waller, University of Salford

Video feedback from PGCAP students on YouTube.

Lecturer in Education, Teaching Development Centre, Newcastle College, Feb 2010

“Chrissi, I think you’re something unique in the teaching fraternity. Most lecturers don’t have the ability to source or create quality interactive resources that fit nicely into a course, nor are many of them competent with e-learning – having their finger on the pulse so to speak – you do, and that’s an asset to any educational institute. You have an excellent creative talent and a huge enthusiasm for the web and you adopt it well into your teaching practice.

I’ll be sad to see you go. John”

“Thanks for all your help! I feel really fortunate to have had you as our tutor! Jo”

“Totally gutted!

Hi Chrissi, Just picked up your mails now.. Awwwww I am so sad to see you go so soon! But thankyou for all your help.  I have enjoyed your lessons so much,  I have never been taught in such a varied and interesting way! You have been a fantastic tutor.  Jo“

“Oh Chrissi you will be a massive miss!!! Debbie”

“You have no idea how disappointed I am that you won’t be our tutor anymore…. it makes such a difference! Zoe”

“Hi Chrissi, Really sorry to hear that, even though have only got to know you over a short time I have really appreciated the way you work. I love your enthusiasm and up beat attitude. Brigid “

“Hello Chrissi, I would like to thank you for giving me the confidence to retrain as a teacher so late in my life. Good luck. Doug.”

“Hi Chrissi, sorry to hear that we won’t be seeing you again, you were of a great help and showed understanding when I needed it most. Eric”

“Thank you for your support, helping me to overcome my “fears” and move on. All the best, Roger”

“Thank you so much for all your support in the last few months, I have really enjoyed your sessions and learnt a lot. Sarah”

“Thank-you for all your help and patience over what was a difficult time for everybody! You are a star and put up with all the barriers to learning. You are an excellent teacher and I hope to be as professional and knowledgeable as you in the future. Something to aspire to! All the best Katy xxx”

Academic Developer, Supporting academics (2008/09, 2009/10), University of Sunderland

“I have been working with Chrissi for several months. I approached her for help in realising a vision I had for my Programmes. I possessed a good idea about what I wanted to achieve, but lacked both the technical and pedagogical skills to turn the vision into practice. Since then Chrissi and I have worked on a range of on-line teaching and learning strategies that deploy very effectively the latest on-line facilities. During this time Chrissi has been both an outstanding Mentor and teacher and because of this we have changed the whole approach to my Programmes. Until a few months ago it deployed an essentially paper-based, face to face approach and now, through Chrissi’s expertise and understanding of blended learning pedagogies, it now draws comprehensively on the new digital tools to enhance student learning and engagement. Chrissi is an excellent colleague who not only possesses the enthusiasm and passion, but also the creative energy to help turn a vision into reality. The Programme’s mode of delivery and level of challenge have all changed as result of the way Chrissi has mentored me through this process of transformation. My students have already begun to engage with the new pedagogy with excellent results already. Most importantly, through her support she has changed the entire way in which I think of on-line pedagogies and the enormous potential the medium has to offer both students and tutors.”
Steve Watts MPhil, FRGS, Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Society, University of Sunderland

Aug 12: “I put all the ideas you taught me about blended learning into my modules and won the Faculty’s Innovation Challenge for being the most innovative teacher in the entire Faculty – So you might have sadly left us Chrissi but your legacy lives on!”
Steve Watts MPhil, FRGS, Principal Lecturer, Faculty of Education and Society, University of Sunderland

Learning and Teaching 21, CPD event, Northumberland College (2009)

“I enjoyed all aspects. A huge learning curve but very enjoyable.”
“I would like more of the same.”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the day.”
“Good high standard of session.”
“I would like more sessions on these technologies.”
“A very informative and enjoyable day. I have learnt a lot and can’t wait to try some of them. Thanks.”
“Lots more sessions like this, please. Excellent day. Thank you very much.”
“Excellent session.”
“Very interesting session learnt a lot about technology and how people learn.”

“Chrissi, Thanks for yesterday. I have had some great feedback and enthusiastic requests for support. Those present have told me they feel enthused! I’ll keep you informed about the micro project as it progresses.
Thanks again for an enlightening and interesting day yesterday.”
Ian Sandford, Learning Technologist/IT Lecturer, Northumberland College

Leading a group of MFL tutors (2008 to May 2010)

“I have worked with Chrissi for two years. Currently I am working with her as a MFL moderator for Adult Learning and Skills, Gateshead Council. Chrissi is a very proactive Curriculum Leader. She is a very creative and enthusiastic person who just loves her job. This enthusiasm about teaching and learning has a big reflection on her work and people she works with, especially the tutors. She works using her own initiative and in many occasions using her own time.
Chrissi is someone who gets things done. In the last three months, she has set up a wiki as an effective means of communication between herself, the tutors and moderator. She has also developed an electronic ILP, which has been very well received by tutors and also she has helped to revitalise a course that was failing.
Chrissi is very keen on establishing and implementing e- learning as a mode of delivery. Chrissi is an excellent team worker. She puts people together and is always keen to help and support her team. People around her always understand and feel this. She has got great drive, is hard working and reliable.
She listens to others, helps others and is dedicated to implementing progressive actions that is pushing the organisation forward. “
Nov 08, Begonia Sanchez, MFL moderator

“Chrissi has implemented a number of changes within MFL over the last year, which have had great impact on service delivery and quality of learning.
As curriculum lead she has implemented a standardised approach to MFL teaching, working with both experienced and new tutors to raise the retention rate of all of our MFL courses. Through training sessions, Chrissi has used coaching and mentoring skills to effectively find solutions to some of the challenges we face as a service, namely diversification in the classroom, use of resources and ICT in teaching and learning, development of standards within both accredited and non accredited learning and piloting new documentation with tutors. Chrissi has developed much of this on her own initiative and spends great periods of time working to improve MFL delivery. She mentors tutors and observes them in classroom activities to monitor and work on improvements within learning.
As curriculum lead, Chrissi has the opportunity to recommend changes to curriculum, teaching and learning and quality improvement and as Curriculum Manager I fully support her decisions.
In the years that I have been teaching and managing tutors I have not met anyone as effective and enthusiastic as Chrissi.”
Melanie Bancroft, Curriculum Manager, Adult Learning and Skills, Gateshead Council

Student teachers’ voices

“I really did enjoy the course and I am using what I have learned in my work.
Best wishes for your future. Tracy”

“Thanx again for very interesting and enjoyable lessons!!!”
Just a thanx for everything, Julie”

“Thanks so much for your kind words of encouragement. I couldn’t have got through it without your determination to ensure I would succeed. Much appreciated. It was a pleasure being tutored by you too and I wouldnt have got through it without you that’s for sure. Thanks again, I will miss your lessons. Steve”

“I had a great time on your course – despite being ‘sent’…
Im going to do the next course soon as the bosses approve it.
Many many thanks, Valerie”

“I am really pleased to have passed and realise that I will miss the course when it is over. I have enjoyed it and feel as though I have learned a lot, you are a very good teacher and we were lucky to have you, Kim.”

“May I take this opportunity to say how much I’ve enjoyed your lively, involving, informative and, above all, enthusiastic teaching style, it certainly has been a pleasure meeting and being tutored by you.
Thank you. John”

“Hi Chrissi,
Just to let you know that after impressing everyone with my innovative teaching style I gained from someone ;o), I have been offered a full time job as a Tutor.Thanks again for all your encouragement and belief in me, you really did ensure I completed that course and set myself on the way to a new career and I am forever grateful to you!Cheers and Best of Luck with your new class, Steve”

“Overall I have enjoyed this course immensely. I can honestly state one of the best courses I have ever been on. S. C.”

“You inspired me to teach and I love it. Barbara”

“All I can say now is thank you , in my opinion you are a star who goes above and beyond the call of duty for your students. Caroline”

Teaching languages

“Saturdays course was really tremendous, where do you get the ideas from?”
Eddie McKee

“You are a very patient teacher and you put time into preparing your lessons so that they are varied and appeal to learners of all types. As a teacher myself, I was aware of how much consideration you put into your work. So thank YOU for making class so interesting and adding your own fun dynamic to the group!”
Elodie Guez

“I’ve found the course really useful and I’ve been really impressed by your teaching (well-structured, keeping students informed of course content but adaptable to the needs of the class, mixture of teaching methods, etc) and the huge level of back-up/support material you provide and your willingness to be accessible to your students. It’s been far and away the best evening class I’ve done. Now I just have to put it all into practice!”
Melissa Girling

“Chrissi is doing some excellent teaching! She has tremendous enthusiasm and commitment. The classes are well organised and clearly structured, taking a different theme each week to illustrate a particular grammar point as well as developing vocabulary. Some class members seem to enjoy the ‘social’ aspect of the lessons more than the ‘academic’ content. Chrissi seems to appreciate this and each lesson allows each student to get from the lesson what they want, at a level that suits their aspirations.”
Ian Bassam

Formal recognition for my teaching

“Dear Chrissi,
I would like to offer my congratulations on a highly successful observation of your teaching and learning delivery.A grade 1 assessment is a standard reached by very few adult learning tutors. It describes your delivery as ‘outstanding’ and is a clear indication of your skills and professionalism.
Thank you for the energy and creativity with which you teach adults on behalf of Gateshead Council.
Your inspirational teaching has the power to change, not only the lives of your students but their families, friends and colleagues. We aspire to deliver learning of the highest possible quality and we are grateful for your very powerful contribution.

Yours sincerely
Maggie Atkinson”
Group Director of Learning and Children and Director of Children’s Services, Gateshead Council


Nominations & Awards

Nov 2005 Student Award Winner 2005 (PGCE PCET year 1), Gateshead College.

Nov 2005 Alex Watson Memorial Shield (PGCE PCET year 1) awarded to outstanding student teachers, Gateshead College.

May 2007 Nominated for the Adult Learning Tutor Award, Gateshead Council.

May 2009 Nominated for the Adult Learning and Skills Tutor Award, Gateshead Council.

Dec 2009 Awarded QTLS from the Institute for Learning (IfL)

Dec 2010 One of the Top 100 Salford Women making a difference http://staff.salford.ac.uk/news/details/1995

June 2013 Awarded a Vice Chancellor’s Distinguished Teaching Award, University of Salford, I was nominated by PGCAP students

Jan 2014 Best Case Study Award by UCISA

Nerantzi, C, Wilson, J, Munro, N, Lace-Costigan, G and Currie N (2014) Warning! Modelling effective mobile learning is infectious, an example from Higher Education, UCISA Best Practice Guide using mobile technologies for learning, teaching and assessment, available at http://www.ucisa.ac.uk/~/media/Files/publications/case_studies/ASG_Effective_Use_Mobile%20Learning pp. 11-17.

June 2014 Shortlisted for ALT team award leading BYOD4L team Chrissi Nerantzi, Sue Beckingham, Andrew Middleton. David Hopkins, Neil Withnell, Ellie Livermore, Kathrine Jensen, Alex Spiers, Dr David Walker, Dr Panos Vlachopoulos, Ola Aiyegbayo, Chris Rowell.

June 2014 Nominated for Rising Star Award at MMU for Greenhouse Initiative

December 2014 #LTHEchat Finalist in the 2014 EDUBLOG AWARDS, category: Best Twitter Hashtag or Chat, http://edublogawards.com/2014-awards/best-twitter-hashtag-or-chat-2014/

June 2015 Awarded a National Teaching Fellowship by the Higher Education Academy, https://www.heacademy.ac.uk/person/11161

Sep 2015 Open Education Europa Fellow (OEE Fellow) by Open Education Europa, video at https://www.youtube.com/user/Elearningeuropa

Oct 2015 One of the 50 most influential UK Higher Education Social Media Influencer, by JISC https://www.jisc.ac.uk/blog/uk-higher-education-social-media-influencers-named-05-oct-2015 in ManMetLife http://www.staff.mmu.ac.uk/manmetlife/news/view/chrissi-named-as-social-media-guru

Nov 2015 Open Education Pioneer
The following projects have been recognised as Good Practice and included in the Open Education Pioneers collection at Open Education Europa at http://openeducationeuropa.eu/share/good-practices
 Catch the creativity bug and spread it – #creativeHE
 Everybody needs a Greenhouse – Greenhouse
 To FLEX or not to FLEX? – FLEX
 FOS: enlightened learning, flexible, open and social
 Facilitating Learning in the Open (Open Facilitator Project)
 Everybody needs TLC (Teaching and Learning Conversations webinars)
 OER film series Food for Thought

Dec 2015 Open Education Europa Teachers’ Contest 2015 Finalist, see http://www.openeducationeuropa.eu/en/node/174463

Feb 2016 #creativeHE was nominated for the Credo Digital Award for Information Literacy 2016 collaborators: Sandra Sinfield (London Metropolitan University), Sue Watling (University of Hull), Dr Nikos Fachantidis (University of Macedonia), Prof. Norman Jackson (Creative Academic, Lifewide Education), highly commended, see http://www.lilacconference.com/lilac-2016/awards/credo-digital-award

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