creative writing

I am looking for publishing opportunities for the work presented below.

Children’ stories intended to be published as picture books

 Written around 2000

Σάλι, η Σαλιγκαρίνα. … μα πού πήγε; – Snaily, the Snail. … where did it go

Ο Γουρ, το γουρουνάκι – Piggy the Pig

Βίδας, ο χιονάνθρωπος – Screwy, the Snowman

Ο Φίφης. Κι εγώ νόμιζα – Fifis. And I thought…

Rocky, the telly doggie

Honey & Bunny. Belly Clothes

Πλατυποδαρούσα & ΣΙΑ. Η βάρκαFlatfeet & Co. The boat

Έξω χιόνιζε… – It was snowing…

Οι απέναντιNeighbours

Το ΜΕΓΑΛΟ μυστικόThe BIG secret

Αυτό ήταν δηλαδή; That was it?

Πλατυποδαρούσα & ΣΙΑ. Όλα ή τίποτε Flatfeet & Co. All or Nothing

Λες; Do you think so?

Written in 2017 onwards

What will today bring? 

This has now been published as an openly licensed picture book with Storyweaver at I would like to find an organisation who would be able to support the printing of this picture book so that it can be used in the classroom and provide stimulation for creative and critical engagement. This story is available in: English, Greek and German

Ladybird and spider series

A series of stories written in English and intended for small children to be read by their parents/careers or older children to feed younger children’s imagination and curiosity to explore the world around them and start thinking critically and creatively about their own experiences. Adults may find them stimulating too as my first adult readers suggest. I envisage this series as picture books with illustrations throughout. These could be in smaller square format with black and white illustrations inside for colouring. A digital version of the series could be made available in full colour and be turned into an interactive experience through the development of mobile apps.

Stories in this series (20 in total)

  • The magic soup
  • I need your help!
  • An unexpected guest
  • The lemon hotel
  • I am here now
  • At the movies
  • The colourful flying carpet
  • Surprise! Surprise!
  • A new friend
  • Fresh ideas
  • I am scared
  • Little’s big ideas
  • The butterfly field
  • I am an artist…
  • A new star is born
  • What really matters
  • She had it all
  • Starry field
  • Feeling free
  • I can’t believe this

 Learning resources

Zielsprache ‘X’, a practical guide and textbook for studying translation.

LiteraTour, reading comprehension exercises on short stories and poems by well-known german writers of children’s literature.

A collection of German reading comprehension exercises based on the book Das war der Hirbel,  by Peter Härtling.

Mini trifft den Weihnachtsmann, a collection of German reading comprehension exercises based on the book by Christine Nöstlinger.

Books translated

Η Μίνι ανταμώνει τον Αϊ Βασίλη – translation into Greek of the children’s book Mini trifft den Weihnachtsmann, by Christine Nöstlinger.

Πέντε και φοβεροί – translation into Greek of the German picture book Fünf, by Jutta Langreuter and Vera Sobat.

Η Γιγάντισσα – translation into Greek of the picture book Die Riesin, by Eveline Hasler and  Renate Seelig.

Το πρόσωπο στον καθρέφτη – a translation into Greek of the book Das Gesicht im Spiegel by Renate Welsh.

Αυτός ήταν ο Χίρμπελ, a translation into Greek of the German book Das war der Hirbel, by Peter Härtling.

Ιστορίες για παιδιά, a translation into Greek of the German collection of short stories Geschichten für Kinder, by Peter Härtling.

Blueprint – a translation into Greek of the book Blueprint by Charlotte Kerner.


Η Ποντικοβατραχιάδα, a translation into Greek of the German work Froschmauskrieg, written by Dr Klaus Konrad Knopp.

Ερωτικά, a translation of 30 poems by Erich Fried into Greek.