#FDOL132 unit 3 or about individual & collective (in)flexibility @openfdol

Never standing still, always thinking

Can flexibility release inflexibility?

Can structure(s) get in the way? They do serve a purpose… but whose?

What about flexible structures? What makes a flexible structure flexible?

Do we need to remember that we are all different? Flexibility means different things to different people. How can we make it work?

Does the answer lie within us? How can we grow?

less is more or reflections on week 3 #lthejan13 @pgcap

LTHEJan13 week 3 designing

structure gets in the way

LTHEJan13 week 3 designing

Do we all want the same stuff and should we not learn to love what we don’t like? What if there are real barriers?

LTHEJan13 week 3 designing

What we want our students to learn> how we achieve this> how do we know that they have learnt what we want them to learn >>> what about what our students want to learn?

LTHEJan13 week 3 designing

Cross-disciplinary designing for learning: what does matter? Is wearing our food really bad for us?

LTHEJan13 week 2: reflecting, observing

Honest conversations and opening up to new possibilities, new thinking, un-thinking!

LTHEJan13 week 3 designing

Questioning, making new discoveries!!! Thank you all!

#lthesep12 week 2 reflections or not @pgcap


sit down and reflect, not on your own

don't play hide and seek with yourself

why hide?


taste, feel, see, listen, smell – experience!


the world is not going to fall on you


love what you do and do what you love – learn to love and love learning


Open your window! Open your eyes! Open your mind!


Don’t give up! Go for it!

Warning! When I started this photostory, I was thinking about our LTHE session. Then something happened and thoughts about the session started mixing up with other recent events, episodes and conversations and my story started taking me to different places. My messy thoughts were guiding me to capture what you see here and the messages that I try to express through the images and captions. Looking at it now, I am not sure if this is even remotely connected with our session and will try at the end of the week again to put something more focused together. In a way, I think the story works at different levels for me. How about you? What are you taking away from this story? Can you see anything that is somehow linked to our Tuesday session?

once upon a time…

... there was a little ant

... there was Ant

She wanted to discover the world.

Ant wanted to discover the world...

to become one with the world

... to become one with the world

She was afraid and avoided the light...

But Ant didn't know how. Ant was afraid... avoided the light.

... avoided the wasps...

... avoided the wasps...

One morning the ant said:

One morning Ant said:

I want to be a tiger...

I want to be a tiger...

... or a whale...

... a whale...

or a hawk to explore the air

... a hawk...

but then something happened and she said: Why do I want to be somebody I can never be?

But then, Ant looked in the mirror and knew this would never happen. Ant asked: Why do I want to be somebody I can never be? Time stopped for a while. Then Ant woke up to a new world...

She looked up. Now she could see the light and started discovering the world!

Ant looked up. Now he could see the light through his own eyes and started discovering the world - finally!

It is more than ok!

Learning spaces too - why do we forget this?

Learning spaces too - they are everywhere! But why do we 'forget'? Do we really forget?

Anybody there?

Anybody out there? Anybody listening? What about you?

and learning too

Great opportunities for borderless learning! Can you see?

Distractions! Can they be useful for learning?

Distractions are everywhere! But can they be useful for learning? Think! Unthink! Rethink!

Relax, play and discover! Have fun too! Is having fun a bad thing?

Relax, play and discover! Have fun too! Is having fun a bad thing?

It is ok to go the other way ;o)

It is ok, more than ok, to go the other way! Try it!