family bowl

bowl, by Odysseas, Thanassis, Adam and Chrissi

bowl, by Odysseas, Thanassis, Adam and Chrissi

Here it comes. We collected it today. We completed a family pottery course. We is the whole family. And yes, we are using it and this was the very first time ;o) Our handprints are on the outside of the bowl – for ever.

The course was really a good opportunity to be together as a family and create something together… and be messy, of course… ;o) I wish the course would be longer… but I have to say, that I am thinking of enrolling on a proper pottery course in January. Not sure where I will find the time with all the other things that I am doing at the moment. Will it be something to do, when I am really old and grey?

Our tutor was George Ormerod.