Thesis submitted #go_gn

It was a milestone day for me as I posted the thesis to Edinburgh Napier and therefore submitted it officially for examination. There is loads I could say how I feel just now, but for now, I am adding the abstract below and need to get ready for the viva. I am not there yet…


one set for the internal examiner, one for the external and one for me

Towards a framework for cross-boundary collaborative open learning for cross-institutional academic development


Academic development in the United Kingdom (UK) has been criticised in the literature for being behind the times and for not modelling innovative and technology-supported practices. Concurrently there are increased external pressures on Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) in the UK to engage large numbers of academic staff in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to gain a teaching qualification and/or professional recognition, to enhance their teaching practice, and to raise the quality of teaching in order to achieve teaching excellence. The UK Government view is that teaching excellence can be achieved through competition and financial incentives. However, academic staff collaboration combined with open education, can provide an alternative model. The call for more outwards facing and connected CPD by academic developers point towards real opportunities in this area where cross-institutional academic development and collaborative open learning can play a key role. This thesis reports research that provides some options tackling issues in this area. It is a phenomenographic study, which explores the collaborative open learning experience of academic staff and further open learners in two specific cross-institutional academic development courses. It also includes collaborative open learning characteristics using digital online technologies. The findings demonstrate the impact these courses had on the study,  participants’ experience and the benefits and positive nature of collaborative open learning in cross-institutional academic development. The study adds to what is known about collaborative open learning in cross-institutional academic development, and also provides new insights for academic developers and course designers about the benefits of crossing boundaries (i.e. open learning) in an academic development context. The study concludes with the proposal of an openly licensed framework developed with the aim of informing academic developers who may be considering and planning to model such approaches.


… I received confirmation from DHL that the yellow box is travelling North

Submitted the thesis 10 days ahead of my personal target… which was the 15th of May.

10 thoughts on “Thesis submitted #go_gn

    • Thank you so much Lance. It definitely feels good to be able to breath and not make any more corrections until the viva… 😉 I can see some light now at the end of a very dark tunnel… Thank you for stopping by.

    • Thank you so much Nieky, I think I need a proper holiday and find it strange to be able to have no PhD weekends… but not there yet. I hope all is well. Chrissi

      • In lieu of a proper holiday, I suggest I good G&T, it does wonders! Hope the viva-prep goes well 🙂

        All is well here, working hard towards EdD paper 2, so very slowly getting there.

  1. Huge congratulations for reaching this milestone, Chrissi… and a virtual hug as well 🙂 You are an inspiration to me, due to submit in just over 6 months. Thanks for sharing all parts of your journey with us. I look forward to celebrating your wonderful accomplishment with you one day very soon. Take care & enjoy this beautiful weekend… x

    • Hi Catherine, Thank you so so much for this virtual hug. Very much appreciated. Wishing you all the very very best with your submission. If I can help in any way, let me know. Many have helped me. Even if you need somebody to read bits and pieces. Looking forward to seeing you and celebrating when we both got there. I find it strange that I don’t have (for now) to do any corrections on it… it is gone… but I feel paralysed by academic writing at the moment. Ran out of energy I think… Wishing you a lovely weekend too and keep working on it. You will get there in no time. I believe in you and the value of your work! Big hug, Chrissi

  2. Aww well done chrissi …. such a tremendous effort . It must be such a relief to have finally got that ‘little’ lot in the post. Sending you lots of hugs 🙂 speak soon debs

    • Thank you dear Debbie. It has been a rollercoaster journey… I am sure it always is. The little lot arrived at Napier… I found out. Viva probably after the summer from what I can hear at the moment.. still a long time away… Let me know when you would like to connect, ok? Take care, Chrissi

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