timeline of digital networked technologies and open education #phdchat #go_gn

In my previous post I shared the timeline of academic development in the UK I created for the related literature review section of my thesis. Below you will find one more timeline which I thought would be useful to synthesise technological and open education developments that are relevant to my study. This attempt to visualise […]

PhD research

Official starting date 14 January 2013 Institution: Edinburgh Napier University, Faculty of Health. Life and Social Sciences (moved to School of Nursing, Midwifery & Social Care in April 2016) Supervisory team: Director of Studies: Dr Karen Aitchison (until April 2014) then Dr Sandra Cairncross PhD Supervisor (1): Prof. Keith Smyth PhD Superviror (2): Tom McEwan, from April […]

COOL FISh… #opened #mooc #phdchat

… is born and will be out in the sea very soon… swimming against the stream… During the academic year 2010/11, I organised a trial bringing together PgCert sudents studying towards a teaching qualificiation in Higher Education from different institutions in the UK. They had the opportunity to learn collaboratively online using Problem-Based Learning supported […]